Sather Forms Madison Lights Out

By DJacoby / December 22, 2008

madison-lights-out.gifThis December marks the first month of the new Madison Lights Out (MLO) energy conservation and awareness campaign, which asks residents of Madison Wisconsin to cut back on their energy consumption. The campaign, started by Jennifer Sather in her Landmark Education SELP program, was the subject of an article in the Madison Times. Here is how Sather’s Light’s Out website describes the project.

MLO is a citywide energy conservation and awareness campaign, which will run every December and July. The sole purpose is to encourage behavior change in Madison residents resulting in turning OFF all non-essential lighting/energy products. Imagine how contagious this could be, if we as a community are successful in achieving measurable results.

Today, we have a choice in how we utilize energy. If we act now, we may be able to keep that choice. Everyone and every switch can help. You can. You count.

We are asking you, the community members of Madison to
participate in the MLO awareness campaign by:

  1. Being an example! Turn off non-essential lighting/energy products
  2. Download, print, and hang a poster
  3. Planting a yard sign in December (and July)
  4. Be a yard-sign distribution center in your neighborhood
  5. Passing the word and emailing this announcement to your friends

The Madison Lights Out project is also holding a mid-December, and has been featured on other websites, such as the Madison Peak Oil Group.

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