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leading-light.jpgOn November 22, Steve Light held the first event for , a non-profit organization designed to educate and aid people with social anxiety disorder. The event, which was Light’s project in the Landmark Education self-expression and leadership programme, took place over the course of a full day at the Westminster Academy in London. It was conference style event with various workshop, expert speakers and other fun activities.

According to Light, most people don’t realize that social anxiety disorder is highly treatable and clinical studies have proven several therapeutic techniques to be successful in overcoming the problem long term.

The November event was hosted by group of leading psychologists and therapists who packaged some of these techniques into a series of mini workshops attendees took part in throughout the day. Each workshop gave an overview of the technique, how it works, what’s involved and what the success rates are, giving each participant a practical understanding of each therapy and enough information to make a choice about what’s right for them.

Light’s passion for making a difference with this disorder comes from personal experience.

“I had what’s known as social anxiety all of my life, growing up painfully shy and then worsening in my late teens and early 20’s,” he recalls. “I felt like I didn’t have a life at the time, it was near impossible for me to go into a job agency to look for work, I would stand outside looking through to see what the people looked like, my logic at the time was looking for ‘safe”‘people to speak to and the mostly good-looking female recruitment consultants were unsafe and terrifying for me.”

“I found my self being totally jumbled talking over the phone, trying to get my point across but feeling totally restricted and then of course beating myself up mentally afterwards.”

Now Light says that he is committed to support anyone who has to deal with what he went through.

Originally planned as one event, Leading Light is now an ongoing organisation. The next event is taking place Saturday, April 11, again at the Westminster Academy. Advanced booking costs £10. A June 6 event is also scheduled for Manchester. For more information, visit the Leading Light website.

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