Walter Creates Mary’s March for the Cure

mary-walter.jpegFor his project in the Landmark Education Self-Expression and Leadership Program, Philip Walter created “Mary’s March for the Cure” event, to honor his mother, Mary Ellen Walter, who died of cancer in 2000. The event took place in Itasca, IL, at 9am on October 25. Participants walked two miles through the town of Itasca in honor of someone special in their life who had been affected by breast cancer. T-shirts were offered to the first 200 walk participants.

Since his mother died at the age of 57, Walter has experienced regret over taking the life of his mother for granted. In addition to raising money towards a cure, Walter was committed that the walk give the participants a new appreciation for living in the moment and not taking their loved ones for granted.

All money raised during the walk went to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, whose mission is to save lives by increasing awareness of breast cancer through education and provide mammograms for those in need. So far, the walk has raised $6,245, and contributions can still be offered at the First Giving/Mary’s March website, which also gives more information on Mary Ellen Walter and why Philip Walter undertook his project.

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