Junk Orchestra Plays for Mayors

junk-rock.jpgManu Vasudevan describes the “Junk Rock project” she created in the Landmark self-expression and leadership programme as like “my dream come true”. In the last week of October, disabled children and their families created an orchestra of instruments out of discarded materials. Then 30 of these children and their families performed on October 31 on a civic dinner attended by about 10 mayors from the London area, as well as the civic ambassador of Newham, where the event was held.

The Create website covered the Landmark event.

Disabled children and their families Junk Rock for Newham’s Civic Ambassador

Create’s latest Junk Rock project was run, in conjunction with Real Life Parenting, for disabled children and their families in the London Borough of Newham, thanks to the vision and drive of Manu Vasudevan. Between 27 and 31 October, parents and children got to work making a variety of instruments out of reclaimed materials – including a Cardboard Box Bass, a Toaster Harp and a Scraper Bridge – before composing a series of pieces on their newly-created orchestra.

On Friday 31 October, the group provided the entertainment for Newham Borough Council’s Civic Ambassador’s Charity Dinner, performing their pieces to an audience of local residents, dignitaries and ten London Mayors.

More Pictures of the event can be seen at the Create site.

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