Ryan Mueller’s Extra Mile Adventure

extra-mile.jpgRyan Mueller’s project in the SELP is literally an adventure: He is embarking on a “grassroots project that is committed to giving back to others through community projects and cultivating cultural exchanges through artistic expression,” according to Mueller’s Extra Mile Adventure website.

On December 1, a team of 18 people will board a biodiesel bus in San Francisco and embark on a seven week journey through Central America, including Mexico, El Salvador and Guatemala. The group will be stopping to aid communities with community development projects in places where the need for aid outstrips the local capacity to provide it.

At the same time, each member of the group has developed an artistic project to share with the local communities. The trip is being captured on film, uploaded to the website, and ultimately being made into a full length documentary film. Through all of this, the group intends to leave the minimum possible carbon footprint.

This group of people coming together to contribute and share their talents includes visual artists, musicians, actors, film crew, surfers, a writer, photographer, and more. According to the Extra Mile website, the ideals of Barack Obama were a big inspiration, with the project being an example of attempting to implement Obama’s ideals of seizing opportunities to make a difference.

“This life is gorgeous and I want to share that beauty with the world,” says Mueller. “The goal of the video is to inspire and empower others to be in action in their own lives.”

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