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By Tom / November 19, 2008

Risa Caudles held a unique event on November 14 for female students at the Proviso high school in Chicago where she teaches. The event provides the young women bra fittings, a free bra, and information on how to do self breast exams. Caudles is receiving support from the v103 Radio station, that is sending someone to the school to support the event. Caudles’ request to the radio station was posted on its website, and it describes the project:

I am a teacher at Proviso East High School and I am seeking your sponsorship of a special event on November 14, 2008 called “Full Support, What’s Your Size?” This event will provide each of our female students with free breast exams, bra fittings, and a new bra. Most importantly, this event will increase their self-image and self-esteem.

In 2001 I started “Girl Talk”. Our group that meets weekly to provide young women with an outlet to discuss everything from toxic relationships, low self-esteem, suicide, depression, and anorexia to hygiene, makeup, dating, fashion, and study skills. My initial goal was to provide a resource and safe haven for the many girls I encountered in the halls and my classroom. I wanted to improve their self-esteem by sharing my personal experiences and being a role model. I wanted to show them better, so they could do better.

During our discussion many of the girls expressed concerns regarding their bras. Ninety percent of the girls said they were embarrassed about their bras. Some admitted being teased by other girls during physical education classes. All of the girls said they look at each other’s bra in the locker room. Many of the larger girls complained of the cost of bras stating they could not afford new ones. All admitted not knowing their correct size. Only one girl actually experienced a bra fitting. All of the girls had questions about appropriate size, fit, cup, and cost.

I was overwhelmed to hear so many girls with so many questions. Through my Landmark Self expression and leadership class I created a project called the “Full Support, What’s Your Size?” Ramonski, this project is bigger than bras. It is about teaching young girls how to give themselves self breast exams and increasing positive self esteem and image. It’s about saving lives and making a difference.

I am requesting that you assist me by telling your listeners about my event and encouraging them to make donations of new bras to Proviso East H.S.

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