Venkat Seeks to Quiet Bangalore

By Julia Taylor / November 14, 2008

Bala Venkat of the metropolis of Bangalore, India, has come up with a novel idea to reduce the noise pollution of the city. His project in the Landmark Education SELP programme is to create a campaign against this by raising awareness, educating drivers about indiscriminate honking, and working with police and other officials. He has organized many volunteers and a co-director for his programme. The Times of India covered the Landmark Education project in their November 11 edition.

By BK Ganesh

BANGALORE: How often have you been stuck in a traffic jam and seen motorists making things worse by incessant honking? This, despite the knowledge that the jam is going to take long to ease, and the honking helps in no way whatsoever. The horns blare even in hospital or school zones.

In a battle against this unnecessary noise, two groups of youths will soon kick off a no-horn campaign that aims at creating awareness about noise pollution.

Techie Bala Venkat and his team have got together aound 500 volunteers for their campaign – called No Honk Please – that will be launched on November 25 by tagging stickers on vehicles and holding a road show. It will be flagged off from the Nokia office, where Bala works. He will first educate his colleagues about indiscriminate honking and its effects.

The increasing number of vehicles has made Bangalore one of the noisiest cities in the world. Various studies show that the decibel level of traffic is increasing by the day, and has crossed the maximum permissible limit (it’s 80 decibels on any road); sometimes it’s even louder than a jet taking off.

Employees of Astra Zeneca are also involved in a campaign against noise pollution. They conduct seminars and workshops and organized a road show on M G Road recently. A similar show will be held on November 15.

“Schoolchildren, BMTC and autorickshaw drivers will be educated on the use of horns. ENT experts will speak about the side effects of noise pollution. RTO and police officials will impart information on various rules to be followed,” said Naina Hegde, co-coordinator of the programme. Auto drivers will also be encouraged to use silencers. The team has 15 volunteers.

Besides warnings by the World Health Organization, the Supreme Court has also passed an order directing all state governments to initiate action against noise pollution. The Union ministry of environment had asked the states to forward an action taken report, compiling details on the measures initiated to curb the menace. “But the government had done nothing in this direction. Youths coming out voluntarily to create awareness is laudable,” says ENT specialist Sree Kumar.

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