Amends Project Encourages Forgiveness, Healing

amends-project.jpgLiza Shaw created a powerful project in her Landmark self expression and leadership program earlier this year – an anonymous, online program to allow people the opportunity to make amends; to forgive and ask forgiveness. According to the Amends Project, participants have the opportunity “to heal their pasts, share the powerful impact of forgiveness with others and affect change on the planet.”

Participants who want their letters to appear on the Amends Project website are given some advice for writing the letter, including being asked to search themselves “for authentic gratitude about this person or this area of your life…The extent to which are able to be loving and compassionate can have a direct impact on the extent to which you experience relief from your suffering.” They are also asked to remove blame, anger or judgment from their letters.

There are currently five collections of forgiveness letters visible on the site available to inspire others. Some letters ask forgiveness from those who have died; others are a declaration of giving up a long standing grudge or resentment. All the visible letters seem to fulfill the project’s stated intention of “using the internet for something positive — as a vehicle for personal growth and healing.”

All letters submitted are anonymous. To submit a letter or be inspired by the contributions of others, visit the Amends Project web site.

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