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Caroline Glasner’s project in the Self-Expression and Leadership Programme (offered by Landmark Education) is clearly a first: She put on a public walk and fundraiser with people wearing their underwear on the outside to raise underwear, money and attention for destitute asylum seekers in the U.K. Glasner’s walk on October 12 raised over £5,000 and almost 5,000 pairs of underwear. North London Today wrote an article shortly before the event that told the story.

Underwear as outerwear to help those fleeing from persecution

by Sarah Odams

Volunteers are urgently seeking unworn underwear for destitute asylum seekers.

Finchley resident Catherine Glasner has helped organize a sponsored walk during which participants will wear their underwear over their clothing to raise awareness of the plight of some of the most vulnerable people in the borough.

The Walkers will set out from the Sternberg Centre, in East End Road, and traipse around the borough before arriving at the Old Barn community centre in Fallows Close, Finchley, for refreshments on October 12. Caroline is searching for people with a sense of humor to take part.

The organizers of the Desperately Seeking Undies sponsored walk are hoping to obtain 5,000 pairs of pants for asylum seekers.

Pairs of underwear are welcome from sponsors who can also make cash donations. The lingerie will be donated in the North London Synagogue’s monthly drop-in, in East End Road, which cares for destitute asylum seekers.

Caroline first became involved in the good cause when she saw a sign in her son’s primary saying “Desperately seeking buggy.”

Caroline donated her buggy to Josianne, a lawyer from Cameroon who was tortured for campaigning for human rights before fleeing the country.

Caroline was particularly touched by her story and decided to try to help women in similar situations.

“I felt I had to do something,” she added. I couldn’t stand by and do nothing. Josianne is hoping to take part in the walk.”

Staff at Akiva Primary School in East End Road, which Caroline’s children attend, are also getting involved with the fundraiser.

There are more than 600 people registered at the drop-in centre.

The majority are professionals who, after condemning oppressive regimes, were subject to horrific physical, sexual and mental torture.

To take part in this charity walk or to donate underwear, contact Caroline at carolineglasner@tiscali.co.uk.

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Julia Taylor

Jessica Bavinton - November 6, 2008

Go Caroline! Your project was and still is truly inspirational and shows us the power of what can happen when one person takes a stand. Amazing.

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