Pal Rekindles Dreams for Young Adults in Recovery

By DJacoby / October 27, 2008

recovery.jpgAviva Pal completed the Landmark Education Self-Expression and Leadership Program earlier this year in New Jersey, and in so doing created a workshop for young adults in recovery programs from alcohol or substance abuse to have a chance to breathe new life into their dreams.

Titled ‘Breathing Dreams’, the workshop took place with 30 recovering young adults from two rehabilitation centers, on Saturday, October 18, at the Episcopal Church in Middletown, New Jersey. While Pal created and administrated the whole project, the main program of the day’s event was an interactive goals workshop, led by Rich Alexander, who has coached the Self-Expression and Leadership Program and who has led goals workshops in the past.

The project, titled ‘Breathing Dreams’ was planned as a retreat for young people so that they could realize that the dreams they had in life could be fulfilled through recovery. While recovery from addiction is of course the first priority, remembering their dreams gives individuals something worth recovering for.

“We had twenty and twenty-five year olds sharing that they wanted to be engineers and lawyers,” recounted Pal, who herself has been in recovery for seven years. “When I first began recovery, I thought my life was over. I wanted to give young adults inspiration and to have their dreams given back to them.”

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