Bridport Works Towards Zero Waste

By Julia Taylor / October 23, 2008

bridport.jpg Ian Robins lives in the historic port town of Bridport in Southwestern England. When he took Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Programme, he thought of and was inspired by the Japanese town of Kamikatsu, where each citizen is responsible for disposing of their own rubbish.

Robins invited the town council and community leaders of Bridport, Dorset UK to a debate at the town hall on this concept of zero waste, out of his intention to make a difference and create a waste free town. At the meeting, three expert speakers from around the country contributed to an informed and provocative discussion, and a public petition was launched with the intention to:

“…propose that Bridport becomes a beacon town for recycling, specifically adopting a zero waste policy within five years.”

The evening inspired many people to take action in regards to recycling and an action group was formed to tackle the unnecessary packaging of food.

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