Community Green: An Access to Activities for the New Jersey Environmentalist

By Tom / October 20, 2008

community-green-lsd.jpgCommunity Green, the website clearing house for New Jersey environmentalists and their projects around the state created by Ariane Delafosse in her Self-Expression and Leadership program last year, has continued to thrive and flourish, providing access and promotion to dozens of worthy projects and events.

Community green is an all-volunteer, 5013c non-profit that has a full team of directors, many of whom have brought environmental projects and ideas they are working with to within Community Green. Delafosse’s mission is to connect people to global and local environmental issues and opportunities for action right in their own back yards.

This year Community Green has already and supported 40 events and projects which have already taken place across New Jersey, and is working on many more, including farm events, a new six-part environmental course from the Northwest Earth Institute, a school tour focusing on sustainability in development and landscape design (coming up on October 25), and many more–Visit Community Green’s event page to see all the opportunities.

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