Dancing the Tango During a London Commute

Thomas Lindner created a project in the Self-Expression and Leadership Programme that is utterly unique: The Tango Commute. The Independent, a leading National British Newspaper explains Lindner’s event in its theatre section.

Scores of couples, plugged into tango music no one else could hear, smooched on the concourses of several London stations. “Tango Commute” was the brainchild of Thomas Lindner, a tango lover keen to demonstrate the art of “hugging musically”, as he rather quaintly puts it. Taking place on seven bridges and seven stations, the project was also a peaceable way of marking the anniversary of the 7 July bombings. But its main purpose, like “flash mobs” and silent discos, was to inject some spontaneous fun into the daily grind.A “Tango Commute” website supplied the volunteer dancers’ brief: “Do not crowd with other dance couples, do not obstruct the commuters you want to inspire”; and, crucially, “dance between 6pm and 7pm compassionately and connected [sic] on 7 July”. On the evidence of Waterloo, where I myself spotted seven couples making small pools of space on the jostling concourse, some with rapt expressions, some essaying flash, spaghetti-legged manoeuvres, that’s exactly what they did.

The link to the Independent story is here.

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Julia Taylor

Julia Taylor - October 21, 2008

This project is a little odd, but quite neat at the same time. I’d love to see this where I commute!

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