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Licensed real estate broker Jim Chubb of San Jose, California, took Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program this spring, and in the course he saw he wanted to make a difference with people who had loan problems. He decided to take on ways to help, including the planning of a website designed to answer questions. He recently had an article in the Santa Cruz Sentinel, in which he mentions his project and his desire to make a difference. Here’s a piece of it.

Q&A by Jim Chubb

Why Would Anyone Need Help Talking to Their Lender

I started investigating ways to help people with loan problems with Robert Aldana, my co-host from the “Let’s Talk Real Estate” radio show. For several months we listened to people’s stories and tried to “direct traffic” to sources such as attorneys, modification companies and the Department of Real Estate for advice and help. What we found was a system that was not prepared to handle the volume of problems that needed solving. While in discussions regarding possible options to get involved in solving problems, I enrolled in a class with an organization called Landmark Education and the class was built around individual community service projects. I decided to make my project a website that would provide information and resources to anyone who needed “loan help” that was not presently available to them. Landmark courses (details can be found at, a site that I recommend for anyone facing a challenge/seeking optimal results) inspire the “students” to act with integrity to bring about optimal results in achieving their goals. My “coach” challenged me to stop watching and “get in the game” to find ways to make a difference. The more I searched for reliable information and resources, the more I saw a glaring need that was not being met.

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