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test-toob.jpgLopa Mehotra’s TestToob project is gaining acclaim from the media. This project, which began in the Self Expression and Leadership Program, creates a website for youngsters to share science videos and experiments. Here’s a piece of an article from the Lane Report, Kentucky’s leading business publication.

Lopa Mehrotra is launching Test Toob, which aims to hit multiple trends and hot buttons. Using the Web 2.0 model of customers providing the product, Test Toob plans to have students at all levels upload videos of their science projects. It’s thought to be the first vertical social networking community focused on science and learning. Test Toob aims to be a combination of YouTube and MySpace targeted at a youth market for which spending keeps climbing.

Mehrotra, a former political fundraiser in Silicon Valley who is married to the CEO of SHPS, has been in Louisville for five years. She’d gone back to school and started a family but was now looking to go back to work. While Mehrotra was willing – even “eager” – to take on some risk, she knew that “corporations are risk-averse in times like this.”

She created her own opportunity, drawing inspiration from an incident with her daughter in their backyard last August. By October, software development had begun and a soft launch of Test Toob, A Community For Everyday Scientists, is coming with the new school year. Mehrotra’s goal is 10,000 users exchanging science videos by year’s end and global penetration and one million-plus users in 2010.

“The ultimate goal is to be the world science classroom,” she said. “I would love it to shout out Kentucky.”

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