Health Checkups for Seniors

By Julia Taylor / September 3, 2008

When Chetan KS took the landmark education self expression and leadership programme in Bangalore, India, he wanted to do something that provided for the health of seniors. And rather than have them visit a doctor or health practice, something that isn’t always convenient for seniors, he brought the doctors to them.

On August 16, he held a health camp for seniors at the Chisthu Seva Samaja ashram/old age home. There were more children in the Ashram, and they got health checkups too–More than 40 seniors and 80 children took part. Not only did the participants receive free checkups and medicine, but they also were served free fruits and dinner.

For Chetan KS, the highlight of the event was when all the seniors blessed and prayed for him, his friends and his family prior to their dinner together. The project was such a success that it received the attention of two local newspapers on August 18 – The Sanjevani and The Thina Sudar.

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