Self-Expression and Leadership Program Projects on YouTube

There are countless worthy projects created in the Self-Expression and Leadership Program that have videos about them up on the Youtube video service. We will summarize a small portion of them and give links to the videos that you can watch.

Causes for Change

Chicago resident Zully Alvarado founded Causes for Change in order to contribute to children and families in the poorest regions of Ecuador. Alvarado grew up with Polio in Ecuador, and only through the help of a priest and his family in Chicago was she able to get the treatment she needed, so she knows personally the difference that can be made. Watch the Causes for Change video.

G.O.P.A.T. — Giving Old People a Thrill

Australian Max Vodane created a project that scores high points for originality and inspiration. He partnered a local motorcycle club with a local retirement home to allow seniors something they usually don’t get–Excitement in the form of a motorcycle ride. Watch older folk ride!

Special Spectators

Since 2002, Special Spectators has created magical days for critically ill children involving top college and professional athletes. Typically, a child and his or her family will come to an event, tour the locker room and meet players and coaches, and be introduced over loudspeaker at halftime, resulting in a standing ovation for the child. Blake Rockwell created this 5013C in 2002 out of his participation in Landmark’s SELP Program. Check out Special Spectators on ESPN.

Through my Eyes

David Whelan created this project as a three day photography event at the Hutch School at the Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center in Seattle. Young people there were given cameras and the opportunity to take pictures on a photo safari all over Seattle. The photographs were developed for the children and framed, and they were given the opportunity to give pictures away to other patients at the Cancer Center. Watch the Through my Eyes video for more details.

Birthright Quilt

Seneka Cohen created the Birthright Quilt project to raise awareness of the high mortality rates of children and mothers in the Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander communities. The project has made many Australians aware of the lack of culturally appropriate maternity care in those communities. Watch this video about the quilt.

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