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Caralea Arnold designed a novel way of fighting breast cancer as her project in Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program, creating Bust Out! Eating Awareness Day among businesses in her Philadelphia community. So far 14 restaurants and cafes have signed on to participate in the event, which took place August 1. The eateries will sell special menu items, with the proceeds from this Bust Out day going to Living Beyond Breast Cancer, a national non-profit organization based out of Haverford, PA. The City Paper of Philadelphia recently ran a story about the project.

Bust Out! Breast Cancer Awareness Day Starting Friday, Aug. 1st

by Clare Bullen

Caralea Arnold first devised the idea for Breast Cancer Eating Awareness Day while enrolled in a Landmark Education self-expression and leadership course. After getting to know women battling cancer who were struggling to stay afloat amidst the anxiety and depression that the illness created, she realized there was a void in terms of connecting to people suffering with the disease.

Arnold decided to turn to Philly’s restaurant scene. “I’ve always been interested in food,” she says, “so I wanted to start approaching restaurants about a fundraiser.” The resulting Awareness Day, which will be held on Fri., Aug. 1, is being sponsored by 12 Philadelphia restaurants. Each eatery will offer breast-inspired appetizers and desserts, and 50 percent of profits will go directly to Living Beyond Breast Cancer, a Haverford-based nonprofit.

“Everyone really got into it,” Arnold says of Bust-Out!’s participants. Northern Liberties is well-represented, with participants ranging from Swallow and Arbol Cafe to the Abbaye N. 3rd. A Full Plate Café is planning on serving cool watermelon soup and Bar Ferdinand is getting into the action with duck breast flavored with an orange juice demi-glace. Still, nothing beats Café Estelle in terms of creativity and dedication: All of its female employees agreed to make molds of their breasts, which will be used to bake anatomically correct tres leches cake.

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