Making a Park a Reality

LeeAnn Mason of Hunter Village Utah wants to make the park that has been promised to the community a reality. In Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program, she has been working towards this goal, which was written about by the West Valley Journal.

Residents Raising Funds to Make Community Park a Reality

by Kimberly Martinez

Homeowners at the west end of the Hunter Village subdivision have been waiting for four years for the park prmised to them by developer McArthur Homes. In 2007, West Valley City acquired land and added 1.5 acres from the adjacent Hunter Willows development for a 5-acre park. Now, they’ve taken matters into their own hands.

Gregg Cudworth, supervisor of parks planning, said to build a park of this size requires a minimum of $600,000. The city has received $200,000 from McArthur Homes and has collected $200,000 from park impace fees and does not know how long it could take to come up with the additional $200,000.

Hunter Village resident LeeAnn Mason took it as a challenge to get her neighborhood involved in the process to make the park a reality. She attended the April PTA meeting at Gearld Wright Elementary to get the message out and told residents that if they take part in the effort, the benefits will be far-reaching.

“We would like to make our neighborhood not just a neighborhood but a community ,” she said. “There isn’t a place for us to come together as a community and four our children to play.”

Raising the funds, Mason said, would also allow them to take ownership of the park in what it wuold look like and what type of amenities it will include. Residents in the community have already given input, requesting the park include an all-access playground for children and people of all ages and abilities. Mason said there are adults with Down syndrome who would benefit from a park like this. Also, there is a senior community in the area, and amenities to keep them active are important.

She encouraged parents to think about ways they can contribute by either participating in fundraising, with the planning process or by donating physical labor.

If we combine all the voices in our community, we can create a park to share with our families and be proud of for years to come,” she said.

Cudworth said once the money is raised and a park concept is established, they will be able to determine the exact dollar figure needed to construct the park, which may be more or less than projected.

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