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Chris Kriklas of Texas has created a project in his Self-Expression and Leadership Program to make books available to underprivileged youth and the homeless in his community. Titled ‘1000 Books – 1000 Lives’, the project will get the books to people in need through two different charities. Here are excerpts from his website and why he is doing the project and how it will work:

1000-books.jpgReading is one of the greatest pleasures available to man. Books can take the reader on magical journeys, spark the imagination, inspire goodness, and teach about the unknown. It is unfortunate that many in our society either cannot read or simply do not have access to books. 1000 Books – 1000 Lives aims to deliver 1000 books to homeless and under-privileged youth in an effort to inspire them to read and to change the world, one child and one book at a time.

This year 1000 Books – 1000 Lives Houston will be benefiting two different charities:

BEAR…(BE A Resource for CPS Kids) – BEAR offers help and hope for abused and neglected children and the caseworkers who protect them. BEAR is a unique public/private sector partnership that sponsors programs to support children under the care of Child Protective Services (CPS) in Harris County.

Covenant House Texas – providing emergency shelter, crisis intervention, transitional housing and community-based services to homeless, runaway, and at-risk youth.

There are youths in Houston today who are waking up scared and hungry, abused and neglected. They do not have clean clothes, or maybe any clothes all. They are also in danger of, or are already, being abused or neglected. By donating books, you can make a difference in a youth’s life by giving them hope and letting them know that there are people in the community who care about them.

Anyone in the community is welcome to participate in this project. Although we will take help in many ways, we are particularly looking for help with the following areas:

  • Motivators – People who are willing to help collect books from their friends, neighbors, co-workers, business, etc
  • Donors – People who are willing to donate books (new or used)
  • Media – Anyone in the media or with media connections that can help spread the word
  • Transporters – People that can help move the books around
  • Sorters – People who are willing to help go through the books (to make sure they are not written in, to divide the books up by age)

What: We will be collecting 1000 new and (gently) used children’s and young adult’s books (ages 0 – 18 years)

When: Now through October 6, 2008

Where: Anywhere there are people


  • To create a community that declares the importance of reading
  • To create excitement in the hearts of children who do not currently have access to books
  • To enlighten youths using the world of literature
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