Silk Aids Domestic Violence Sufferers

Kansas City resident Candace Vanice began her passion for helping victims of domestic violence by volunteering at a local shelter, teaching a physical fitness class. In so doing see saw first hand how much was still needed to support these victims.

silk.jpgWhen she took Landmark Education’s Self Expression & Leadership Program, she used her project as a vehicle to take this passion to the next level. She formed SILK Empowered (Strength, Independence, Love and Knowledge), and organization dedicated to providing these people a place to live, and programs to boost their confidence.

Vanice saw a huge need for this kind of assistance. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, there are 57,000 cases of domestic violence reported every year in Kansas City and Missouri, and in one day alone in 2006, 139 requests for emergency shelter or transitional housing went unmet.

On July 11, SILK Empowered held an upscale fundraiser, with food donated by the local Capital Grille. The event was an enormous success–Over $40,000 was raised to help SILK get off the ground. Most of the funds are being saved for a transitional living facility, while the rest is being used for self-esteem and home ownership programs.

To get involved, go to the SILK Empowered website or call 816-268-4722.

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