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By Tom / August 6, 2008

Jarda Dokoupil decided to do something about the preponderance of bad news that occurs in the media and the news today. For his project in Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership programme, he decided to create a sort of news broadcast that consisted of 100 inspiring stories told by 100 amateur reporters from around the world.

inspiring-news.jpgDokoupil is having August 12 be his inspiring news today when he is collecting stories and films. At 7:30pm on August 13, he will broadcast the stories and videos online, which will be available afterwards for further viewing.

“I believe it is crucial for people to have a choice,” asserts Dokoupil. “Choice of an alternative. Choice to recognize that world is not turning only in the direction of doom, that in fact, there are many things that are worthwhile happening in an ordinary day.”

Dokoupil reports that there are currently 33 reporters involved in the project from 17 different countries. To submit a story or otherwise get involved, email Dokoupil at To view the resulting broadcast, visit the Inspiring News Youtube channel.

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