Parachutes for Penny

Inspired by a friend with an inoperable brain tumor Sue Lees-Low is using her Self-Expression and Leadership Programme to raise money for brain cancer research using a novel fundraising method–Parachute Jumping. Sue describes her project:

My project is to organise parachute jumps for 10 or more people and raise over £10,000 for the Samantha Dickson Brain Tumour Trust who fund research into finding a cure for brain tumours.

The project is very close to my heart because a beautiful friend of mine Penny was diagnosed with a brain tumour back in December – two days before her 32nd birthday. Whilst the outlook for Pen is extremely bleak (her tumour cannot be removed through operating and chemo is ineffective at treating brain tumours) through the courage and strength of her, her husband Ashwin and their families I’ve been inspired to do something to show what a difference Penny has made and is still making in our lives.

It’s also a stark lesson in urgency. Pen and I had spoken about organising a parachute jump together a few years ago but weddings, house moves, job changes and life got in the way.

I’m going to be jumping on Sunday 27th July. Spectators are welcome (am organising a little gathering party for when I land) so if you’d like to be there to celebrate with me let me know!

To get involved or contribute, go to Sue’s fundraising page. She has already raised over 5,000 pounds.

Final update: a little over £8,000 was eventually raised by Lees-Low’s project.

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