Be Heard, Be Visible

melinda_taylor.jpg‘Be Heard, Be Visible’ is the brainchild of artist, entrepreneur and web designer Melinda Taylor. During the Self-Expression and Leadership program of landmark education, Melinda Taylor became reacquainted with the childhood desire to sing. This led her to take voice lessons from friend and performance improvement specialist MaryBeth Smith. Truly hearing her voice during the initial lessons provoked the desire to bring the gift of this experience to other women.

For her project in the program, Taylor took her love of artistic collaboration and decided to team with Smith and training and development specialist Merilyn Fance in creating a program to deliver this experience. The initial presentation of ‘Be Heard Be Visible’ is being created as a gift to women experiencing challenge in their lives from women in the Houston business community who are going to be sponsoring the event. The event is designed to be a profound experience for women in having choices, incorporating experiential processes designed to allow participants access and recognition to both new and familiar possibilities without judgment.

To get involved, contact taylor at or 832-721-0511.

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