Daily Archives: July 18, 2008

Pass It On

pass-it-on.jpgChris Gardner wished to find a way to encourage random acts of kindness in the world. To this end, her project in Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program, “Pass It On,” involved creating acknowledgment cards for people to give away to thank others for their acts of generosity. The idea is for that person to then pass the card on to someone else to acknowledge them, and onwards to countless other people.

Participants in the project distributed these numbered acknowledgment cards to anyone they saw committing an act of kindness. The recipient is then encouraged to register the card by emailing the information to Gardner. Gardner created a website that in addition to displaying many acts of kindness she comes across, includes the contents of all these emails and thereby further celebrates these acts of kindness and generosity.

Gardner summarizes the point of this process on her website:

“This allows the global community to be witness to a growing chain of generosity and compassion. Not only are the givers and receivers of cards affected, but so are those who witness this process by visiting the website. Kindness is contagious.”
Additionally, the website also features inspirational quotes, acts of kindness in the news, links to other sites promoting acts of generosity, and updates on the project. Please visit http://www.icanpassiton.com to see the site and get more information.