Classical Evening in South Beach

Miami native Gustavo Briand had a musical idea in mind for his project in the Self-Expression and Leadership Program. He Created “An Evening with Music”, an evening of classical music held May 30 at 7:30 pm at the Standard Hotel in Miami Beach.

The evening was a free concert featuring some of South Beach’s best classical musicians in an informal gathering, fusing strings, Arias, and even a DJ. The South Beach Chamber Ensemble and Orchestra Miami were directed by Elaine Rinaldi. The musicians performed a variety of classics, and to give the event a unique Miami flavor, DJ Tavin provided his unique musical stylings as accompaniment.

Featured musicians included Thomas Moore and Melissa Palichat on violins, Richard Fleischman on viola, and Michael Andrews on Cello. Arias were sung by Eduardo Calcano (Tenor), Suana Diaz (Soprano), and Maria Aleida Rodriguez (Soprano).

The evening was designed to include fun and socializing as well as great music, and didn’t take itself too seriously–The dinner offerings for those patrons who ate at the hotel while attending the show, included a special discounted menu for “Classical Music and Opera Haters”.

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