English Activist Raises Funds for Pump Aid

In 2004, Kevin Burch gave 1,000 pounds to Pump Aid, a charity that works with local residents in Africa to install pumps to produce clean water where it would otherwise not be available. He forgot about the donation until, much later, a personal, hand written letter came from a child in the village giving thanks. Burch was moved by the letter, and had always intended to get more money to Pump Aid, by he was stopped by the limits of his own personal finances.

When he began Landmark’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program earlier this year, Burch became more determined than ever to raise more money for Pump Aid. He started a clean water for kids website that tells of the work that Pump Aid is doing, and included an easy button for anyone to give money. Moreover, he made a video about his own personal story and commitment to the charity. This video is shown below.

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Julia Taylor

jackiemas - October 22, 2008

How is this going? It sounds like a great charity. Have you been able to raise much towards the wells? An update would be appreciated.

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