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picture-the-earth.jpgPhil Zenner’s passion has always been nature photography. When he took the Landmark Self-Expression and Leadership Program this past spring, he decided to create a project, “Picture the Earth”, that raised money for the Sierra Club by auctioning off great framed nature photographs. He worked to have local photographers and studios donate photos and framing services, and then he obtained the permission of the Carter Center in Atlanta to let him have the exhibition and auction there.

Over 75 photographs were donated, and thousands of dollars were raised at the auction. As a result of the project, Zenner and his wife Cynthia have bought their dream house in the countryside of Washington state, and have put together a plan to retire in three years so that Phil can pursue nature photography full time and Cynthia can continue her ministry in the care of elderly people–Visit this Leadership and Self Development article for the full story about Cynthia’s ministry.

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