Blue Flashing Light Visits China

Howard Cattie had a couple of different goals in mind as he began Landmark’s SELP program. He loved music, and wanted to support something musical that made a difference in the world. He also wanted to strengthen his relationship with his family, and finally he wanted to promote something he was really passionate about. In the program, Cattie managed to create a project that accomplished all three goals.

His project was to get sponsorship for his son Ryan’s rock band, Blue Flashing Light, of Athens, Georgia, to tour China. Cattie met with more than 25 executives of major companies in Atlanta to get sponsorship for the trip. At the same time he reestablished his relationship with Ryan.

Blue Flashing Light’s tour across China in March was a smashing success. The band played at the International Peach Blossom Festical in Chengdu, capital of the Sichuan province, as well as at the Beijing Conservatory of Modern Music. At one show, their lead singer sang three songs in Mandarin, much to the delight of the crowd. On their last day in China, the group played at the Sichuan Conservatory of Pop Music, and taught a masters class on rock n’ roll to the students there.

As a result of the exposure from the China tour, Blue Flashing Light is now playing a major benefit concert for Habitat for Humanity and is in conversations with major record labels. The band’s China tour was written about in Stomp and Stammer magazine, as well as the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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