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Supporting Seniors with Alzheimers

By Julia Taylor / June 26, 2008

Cynthia Zenner took Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership program in Atlanta, and the area of life she wanted to impact was educating people about elderly people who are dealing with Alzheimer’s disease. She created a symposium at her church, the All Saints Episcopal Church in Atlanta, where a panel of experts came together on May 17th to provide education and support for those with friends or family suffering from Alzheimer’s.

“As the population ages, many adult children are grappling with these and many other issues for their aging loved ones,” says Zenner. The symposium addressed issues such as how to deal with a parent or loved one who is having trouble driving, or isn’t taking their medications. It provided innovative, practical ways to care for our elders with grace and honor.

In addition to the symposium, Zenner has created an Atlanta ministry recognized by the church for the care of the elderly. She intends to make this ministry national.

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