Love Project Empowers Kids to Give Back to Moms

Linda Kamka created “Project with Love” as her community project in Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program. The project was a fundraisher which inspired her local community in Orange, CA, to donate new jewelry, which would then be passed on to kids in the care of the Children’s Hospital of Orange County. These children weren’t able to get presents for mother’s day, and with the help of the project, each one was able to select a piece to give to their mother.

Linda’s intention was to allow her community to come together and give from their hearts, as well as to empower and move children.

The event itself was held Saturday morning on May 10. Linda and her friend Kamii delievered more than 100 pieces of jewelry to the hospital on a silver platter. The jewelry was individually wrapped in clear bags with ribbons, and each one game with a gift card that the children personalized for their mothers.

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