Helmet Heroes

helmet-heroes.jpgDr. Bryce Crowley, of Centerville, Utah, recently put on a safety event, Helmet Heroes, to protect young bike riders from head injuries. About 500 young people were fitted with and given new, high quality bicycle helmet. Crowley chose this as his project in landmark’s self-expression and leadership program based on personal experience — He recently had a close call in a bike accident where the third vertebra in his neck was crushed. Only his bike helmet saved him from severe injuries. 

Based on his own experience as both a doctor and a bike rider, Crowley is adamant that parents make sure their youngsters use helmets. “Just like every time you buckle your child with a seatbelt in a car, you ought to have a helmet on your child anytime they’re out and about on a bike,” he says. He hopes his work will reduce Emergency room visits for young riders.

Crowley’s “Helmet Heroes” was covered extensively by local television stations, including KSL News and KUTZ 2 Noon News.



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