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trees-atlanta.jpgJill McAdaragh decided to make a difference in her Self-Expression and Leadership program by supporting an organization that plants and conserves trees, Trees Atlanta. On June 21, from 7-10pm, she is holding a collaborative event that is a fundraiser/art auction designed to bring artists, art lover, and lovers of the environment together to hlep support and protect Atlanta’s green space. All proceeds from the event are going directly to Trees Atlanta.

More than 25 artists and musicians have agreed to donate their time and talents to this cause. The event is featuring live music and a full buffet dinner while participants bid on the various pieces of artwork, which includes pottery, sculptures, photographs and paitings.

Several members of JWH&N Company members are donating their artwork, including McAdaragh herself, as well as Stacey Bond, Jacque Harris and Paula Lansford. Other contributors include Ben Morris of Mopositive ARt, Dean Thomas of Atlien Creations, John McNamara of Griffin Davis Art, Jef Bredemeier, Dorthy Pizzuti, and Puja Chaudhari. Tickets are $25 at the door, and thousands of dollars are expected to be raised for Trees Atlanta.

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