Ullasa Means Joy

ullasa.jpgNagendra K.S. took on being a source of happiness, innovation and leadership. During his participation in Landmark Education’s Self Expression and Leadership Program that started in February, he created a project called “ULLASA” (In English it means Joy).

The specific intended result of the project was to unite orphan kids and old age people. The old people have rich experience sof life which are very valuable for kids of present generation. These values and experiences of aged people are not tapped for the development of kids. On the other hand the orphan kids do not have the privilege of being with their grandparents and thereby they are deprived of love or affection of grandparents and also the value that they could derive from old people. To fill the gap in between these two communities and also bring in the atmosphere of belongingness and joy to these communities the project was created.

Anatha Shishu Nivasa at Basavanagudi in Bangalore, a NGO taking care of orphan kids and Asha Jeevan at Huli Mavu, Bangalore, a residence for old aged people, took part in the event of the project that happened on 11th May 2008.

Nagendra and his community of friends at Office and SELP community arranged four vans for the transportation of kids to Asha Jeevan, where old people reside. The kids reached at 2 .45 PM. The Old people were eagerly waiting to meet kids. When the kids arrived at the place there was lots of joy and warmth in the expression of aged people.

Many activities were evolved to engage kids and old people together. All the activities of the day are narrated briefly here:

  1. Singings & Dancing: Kids and old people sung devotional and songs of moral value. One song of Yaswanth, who is about 10 years old, was in appreciation of mother. This song moved everyone and we all remembered our mothers in those moments. Many kids performed dances. Also an old lady had a small cat walk! It was full of fun and joy.
  1. Story Telling: Old people shared lots of stories, which were rich in experience and there was some value to take home from each of the stories. One old lady shared how much she likes Gandhiji and she urged that all kids should go on the foot steps of Gandhiji.
  1. Balloon blowing and Bursting: This event was very exciting and fun-filled. All the kids and old people were asked to blow balloons. There were about 100 balloons in various sizes and shapes. Once they were ready, they were instructed to burst them. It was full of self-expression of everyone. Each and everyone were so much involved in that exercise that they were lost in happiness and joy.
  1. Drawing: Kids and old people made drawings for each other. The drawings of kids were retained by old people and the writings and drawings of old people were retained by kids as token of appreciation and remembrance.

Nagendra’s friends had got few books for distribution among kids. The same were handed over to the management of orphanage home for the Library. Everyone had cake, cool drinks, chips and also butter milk and enjoyed each other’s company for till 6.45PM. By 7.30 PM all the kids were dropped back to their homes and we all went home fulfilled and looking forward for one more such opportunity.

The intention of the project, belongingness, joy, and acknowledgement, were present in the event and the project was a huge success.

The same team is wiling to organize such events regularly. Not only that Nagendra has taken on uniting 15 orphanage homes and 15 old age homes for such regular events so that the possibility of the project is alive forever.

The project event was mentioned by a local daily, Vijay Karnataka, on May 24, 2008. The media appreciated and acknowledged the project for creating fun and joy in the lives of old people.

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