Journey to Wellness and Transformation

Massage therapist and wellness expert Sheila Snow is creating a project in her self-expression and leadership program that is a two day healing event called “Journey to Wellness and Transformation.” This event is scheduled to take place on August 22 and 23, in Vernon, British Columbia, at a yet to be determined location. The event will be a fundraiser for the Vernon District Women’s Center.

Snow, a Canadian residing in British Columbia, seeks to gather 20-30 chiropracters, acupuncturists, kinesiologists, craniosacral therapists, herbologists, naturopaths, natural therapists, biofeedback technicians, iridologists, and doctors that will work from a holistic perspective that will examine patients that have conditions that traditional medical doctors have been unable to diagnose, or who find themselves at an impasse in their health and well being. 

Each client would be examined from the point of view of several different modalities, and the facilitators would work together to present their views on each client, and collectively create a potential “Journey to Wellness” for the client.

Snow’s project was recently featured on 105.7 Sun Fm radio with morning host Brian Martin. For more information, go to Snow’s website, or contact her directly at or 250-938-4905.

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