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By Toby / May 30, 2008

Brandy Runkle took Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership program earlier this year and looked at creating a project, she wanted to do something which helped families spend more time together in today’s fast paced world. She created a project which created a family day together in a scenic outdoor setting. The Olympian, a the leading newspaper of Olympia, Washington, recently wrote a feature story about Runkle’s project, which appears below.

Play Day Focused on Family Time

By Linda Tarr – 4/6/08

Brandy Runkle is putting together “Take Your Family To Play Day” on Saturday at Priest Point Park.

“We get caught up in the day-to-day routine and don’t make enough time to appreciate the people in our lives,” she said.

The event will resemble an old-fashioned company picnic or big family gathering, with crafts such as finger painting and games such as relay races.

While kids younger than 16 will probably be most interested in the activities and games, all ages are welcome, she said.

Peter Rex, community relations director for the Olympia School District, said fun family time helps families bond.

“It’s so important to have family time together that is fun and not just always focused on the day-to-day activities of getting kids to appointments and dropping them off at school,” Rex said. “It’s these kind of enrichment activities that really form long-term memories between kids and their parents and families.”

He said Priest Point Park is a great spot for the event – and just for families to spend time.

“There are so many wonderful opportunities for discovery and hiking and looking at things on the beach and just spending quality time together with kids and family,” he said.

The event will afford Runkle family time as well. Her mother, sister and brother all have volunteered to help. She said others who want to volunteer are more than welcome.

“The more the merrier,” she said.

Though she does not have children, Runkle said she was inspired to launch the activity after attending a Landmark Education forum, a self-expression and leadership education program in Seattle. She also was inspired by her sister’s two children.

Runkle envisions having a “Take Your Family to Play Day” four times a year. “I would love for this to turn into not just a one-time event,” she said.

On Saturday, she will gather information from people who’d like to help with future play days.

“The vision is, whoever attends has so much fun and enjoys it so much, we rotate who sets it up each quarter,” she said.

“Take Your Family To Play Day” is from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday at Priest Point Park in Olympia.

Thanks to the Olympian for this story.

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