Mission Genius Helps Dyslexic Students

By Julia Taylor / May 20, 2008

When Dhaval of Mumbai, in India, took Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership program, he wanted to make a difference with students that are dyslexic or slow learners. He created Mission Genius, a project designed to train such students in a variety of subjects, including math. His goal was a 10% increase in their test scores.

Dhaval set about visiting principals of various schools in Mumbai, talking to them about his project. He asked them each to lend them their auditorium for just one day. Then he created presentations that used slides and multimedia elements to make them more interesting.

The results were astounding. During his program, Dhaval had more than 1,000 students from eight different schools go through his program. Most of them improved their test scores from 8-12%, and even more importantly, they improved their self-confidence. Seven different Indian newspapers wrote about the program and the difference that it made. Dhaval is currently working to have his training program given over to another 50 teachers who can give this training on a regular basis.

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