Forming a Parenting Education Nonprofit

By Julia Taylor / May 7, 2008

California resident Jodi Azulai is using her Self-Expression and Leadership Program to set up a nonprofit to give people access to parent education. Azulai, who has also begun a meetup meeting for parent education, is looking for a variety of assistance to make this nonprofit a reality. The Daily Democrat of Woodland, Calfifornia, recently published Azulai’s request: 

Parent Education Volunteers Wanted 

Volunteers are need to assist with a new startup nonprofit agency for parent education. Headquartered in Yolo County, the nonprofit will serve as a clearinghouse for information about parent education courses throughout the area. Jodi Azulai, of Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program, is launching the agency and needs assistance in a variety of areas, including grant and newsletter writing, and website design. She is looking for a volunteer coordinator to organize this great agency.

She also hopes to raise funds to increase parenting courses in rural areas and for cultural communities that are currently underserved. To learn more or volunteer, contact Azulai at 601-0800 or email her at

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