Landmark Education Self Expression and Leadership Program connects Salt Lake City to Northern India

In Northern India, in the State of Hamachel Pradesh, there is a discouraging state in the social affairs of the local people. This area remains to be one of the most backward regions of India with an average income of $200 dollars per year for most native residents. Outlying communities remain poor with little hope for government funding to improve their way of life.There are eight facilities in the district of Chamba that serve orphans, and battered or homeless women and their children. These facilities have extremely poor living conditions, broken windows, little or nonexistent sanitary facilities, no hot water, poor or no beds and bedding, lack of clothing, minimal kitchen facilities, little or non-existent educational resources and a lack of training or vocational programs to help the local people.

According to local government officials in Chamba, no outside humanitarian organizations had previously ever come to the aid of these people.

Youth Making a Difference (YMAD) is a project that was created Landmark Education Self Expression and Leadership Program. It is intended to make a difference in the lives of children in orphanages in Northern India and perhaps more importantly the American students who participate.

The above video was taken in the months leading up to the first YMAD visit to the State of Hamachel Pradesh. While this 2 week trip brought much needed supplies and contact to the various orphanages, it made an even bigger difference in the lives of the students who participated. You can get a sense of the difference that was made by viewing the second video below.

If you would like to know more about this project or would like to participate with Youth Making a Difference you can visit if you would like to know more about Landmark Education, you can visit

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