Homeless Not Toothless: A Landmark Self-Expression and Leadership Project Created by a Los Angeles Dentist

You might find it suprising to discover that the famously afluent Brentwood Area of Los Angeles is home to a non-profit that provides vital services to Homeless People. There are estimated to be as many as 3 million homeless people in the United States. The living conditions that most homeless people find themselves in make even basic personal hygene a struggle. When it comes to dental care there are virtually no official services available to the homeless.

Dr. Jay Grossman is a dentist in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles County. Since 1992, when Dr. Grossman began “Homeless Not Toothless” in the Landmark Self Expression and Leadership Program, it has provided over 1 million dollars worth of free dental work through over 30 different dental practices in the Los Angeles area. Each of these dental practices has delivered the care without any financial compensation. Having a smile back not only boosts people’s confidence, it can make it easiser for people to find meaningful employment. The dental practices that make up homeless not toothless are committed to raise the pride and dignity of the homeless through quality dental services.

Most recently “Homeless Not Toothless was featured on CNN.

To learn more about Homeless Not Toothless, visit their website.

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