Landmark Education Self Expression and Leadership Project Teaches Defensive Driving in India

When B. Ramakrishnan registered for the Landmark Self Expression and Leadership Program, he knew that he wanted to make a difference in safety on the roads of India.  Indian roads have always been chotic, but with the double diget economic growth of the last two decades, the problems with traffic have become even greater problem.  According to the Boston Globe 276 people die in traffic accidents each day in India. Ramakrishnan’s projects seeks to do something about this, starting with his hometown of Banglor.

Here is a recent story from a news paper in Banglor


Bangalore, India

Training in Defensive driving as a Landmark Self Expression and Leadership Program. As part of the Landmark Education’s Self Expression and Leadership Programme, B Ramakrishnan has taken up a community project of imparting training in defensive driving for professional drivers, especially companies that hire drivers for their employees. Call centers and software companies are among the target group as ‘they form a significant part of the vehicular movement on the road’, says Ramakrishnan.

As part of the initiative, the first session was conducted for drivers hired by GE India Technology Center (JFWTC) where around 76 drivers from SRS Travels and Ambassador Travels underwent the four-hour programme.

The training covered the basics of defensive driving — the need, impact on community, awareness of safety on the road and responsibility of road users. They also covered some of the recent developments or steps taken by the Bangalore Traffic Police in improving driving conditions on road.


The programme, conducted by Geetha, Inspector (Traffic), Traffic Training Institute, Bangalore Police and her colleagues, included presentations, videos as well as discussions on accidents in the country along with footage that included interviews of family members of victims. The feedback, according to Ramakrishnan, was quite positive and people seemed to realise the impact negligent driving can cause on people as well as how important it is to adhere to rules.

Similar workshops will be conducted for other organisations in the near future. For further information contact Ramakrishnan at:

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